2018 Consumer Scholarship Application for Genetics Summit

This scholarship is to assist consumers in traveling to the Genetics Summit and will include coverage for registration fees, air travel or mileage based on location, hotel and daily per diem for meals.  Scholarships will be awarded based on availability of funds and will be reviewed by the MSRGN management team.  Scholarship recipients will be notified by email.
Criteria: Consumers of genetic services, parents, family members, or individuals with genetic conditions who live in one of the states in our region: Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.
1. Your perspective is important to us and we request you be an active participant at all aspects of the meeting.
2. Consumer will write a 1 page reflection paper on their experience at the Summit.
3. Consumer may be contacted by MSRGN for additional information or clarification regarding their application.
4. Scholarship deadline is July 1, 2018 (the scholarship application period has ended).
To Submit an Application Online- Please Click Here (the scholarship application period has ended).
Categories: Event, For Families