2023 MSRGN In-Person Meeting Denver

2023 MSRGN In-Person Meeting Denver

Thompson Hotel**

1616 Market St, Denver, CO

(**please DO NOT book your own hotel room, those who registered will have a

 room booked through the MSRGN contract with the hotel directly)




Reiumbursement form**

(click to download XLS file) 


**For State team members, Genetic Navigators, Advisory Committee Members and MSRGN Management team: MSRGN will cover lodging**, airfare (coach with no upgrades) or mileage as per the GSA guidelines as well as any transportation to and from the meeting (ride share, taxi, public transportation).  MSRGN will be providing meals for the meetings on April 26-27, 2023 taking place at the Thompson Hotel (1616 Market St, Denver, CO).  MSRGN can also cover meals associated with travel to and from the meeting during the dates of April 25-28 in accordance with GSA per diem.