COVID-19 Resources for Families with Genetic Conditions in Nevada


Nevada Genetic Information Card

Nevada Brochure: Careers in Public Health Genetics


Find A Genetics Clinic in Nevada


Nevada State Newborn Screening Lab

Nevada Newborn Screening Coordinator

Contact this group if/when: you need NBS results, your doctor has told you your child has a positive new born screen and you are having trouble seeing a specialist/follow-up

If you need NBS results, address, general info, order NBS kits (775) 682-6238 or 702-289-4578

If your doctor has told you your child is positive for a NBS and you are having trouble seeing a specialist/follow-up, doctors who want to discuss abnormal results, call follow-up at 702-289-4578 or the lab at (775)-682-6238


Nevada Family to Family Health Information Center: Family TIES of Nevada

3710 Grant Drive, Suite B, Reno, NV 89509

Phone:  (775) 823-9500 Fax:  (775) 323-2205 Toll-Free:  (866) 326-8437

The NVF2F will provide a place for families to access peer support to help navigate the disjointed system of care for children and youth with special health care needs in Nevada. Through family-centered, community-based and culturally competent care, services include training, information, support and advocacy – offered by workshops, conference calls, web-based training center, toll-free parent support information/referral line, newsletter, and on-line Resource Directory.

Contact this group if/when:you need family support, you are having difficulty navigating the system, you just moved to the state with you child with special needs


Nevada Early Intervention

Northern Nevada (Washoe, Clark and Surrounding counties)

2667 Enterprise Rd.

Reno, NV 89512

Phone: (775) 688-1341

FAX: (775) 688-2984


Southern Nevada (Clark and surrounding counties)

1161 S. Valley View

Las Vegas, NV 89102

Referral: (702) 486-9200
Phone: (702) 486-7670
Fax: (702) 486-7686

Contact this group if/when: you are in need of Nutrition, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Speech therapy, Vision and hearing services for your child under 3 years old. Family training or counseling, and Parent support are also available for those who qualify.


UNLV School of Medicine Genetics

1524 Pinto Ln 2nd floor

Las Vegas, NV 90106

Phone-702-671-2229 Fax-702-385-7719


Nevada Title V Maternal and Child Health 

Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Contact this group if/when: you need help accessing programs for children and youth with special health care needs in Nevada


Nevada Medicaid 

Benefits information-

Contact this group if/when: you need help finding out if you qualify for a waiver, need medical insurance coverage for your child with special health care needs.


Nevada Medicaid Waivers 

Katie Beckett (<19 years of age)

Contact this group if/when: you need help finding out if you or your child qualifies for a waiver.

What Medicaid Waivers (income independent) are available for Children with Genetic conditions (and other special healthcare needs) in your state?

How does a family apply for them?


Additional Resources for Nevada:


Little Miss Hannah Foundation 

The Little Miss Hannah Foundation’s mission is to help enhance the quality of life for young children diagnosed with rare, life-limiting, or undiagnosed complex medical needs, as well as children who have been placed in hospice or palliative care.


Nevada 2-1-1

available 24/7-provide information & referrals to health, human and social service organizations.

Call 2-1-1



text your zip code to 898211; chat with Nevada 2-1-1


Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) Program

provides resources and support to community agencies serving children from birth to age twenty one, identify conditions children are born with earlier; develop complete, culturally appropriate, and family-centered services including genetic services; and understand how genetics affects health.



Nevada Medical Home Portal

unique source of reliable information about children and youth with special health care needs and offering “one-stop shop” for their families, physicians and medical home teams, and other professionals/caregivers


Zero to Three

ensure that babies and toddlers benefit from the early connections that are critical to their well-being and development.

Western Office phone-213-481-7279


Nevada Early Intervention Services (NEIS) Aging and Disability Services Division

programs for infants and toddlers with disabilities under the age of three who meet eligibility requirements.

Project Assist– 800-522-0066

Southern Nevada Referral Hotline-702-486-9200

Northern Nevada Referral Hotline-775-688-1341


Child Find: Three years of age and up needing an evaluation

Child Find- is an evaluative process to address the federal mandate to locate, evaluate, and identify children who may have a disability and are eligible for funded services as identified in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Child Find’s objective is to identify students, ages 3-21, who are not currently enrolled in public school and who may be eligible for special education services. These students include preschoolers, students attending private or parochial schools, or students receiving home-schooling.

-contact Child Find at:

Carson City County – (775) 283-2360

Churchill County – (775) 423-5187

Clark County – (702) 799-7463

Douglas County – (775) 265-5262

Elko County – (775)753-8646

Esmeralda County – (775) 572-3215

Eureka County – (775) 237-5700

Humboldt County – (775) 623-8128

Lander County – (775) 635-2349

Lincoln County- (775) 726-3772

Lyon County – (775) 463-6800 ext. 129

Mineral County – (775) 945-2403

Nye County – (775) 751-4015

Pershing County – (775) 273-5099

Storey County – (775) 847-0983

Washoe County – (775) 327-0685

White Pine County – (775) 289-4851 ext. 107


Nevada Home Visiting Resource link (statewide and by county)