Arizona Team Developmental Delay Algorithm

The Arizona State team created a version of a developmental delay algorithm for genetic testing.  The team also created another tool: a laboratory document for pediatricians and primary care doctors, to aid in ordering these tests. Click here to read The Arizona Developmental Delay Algorithm.
 Mountain States Regional Genetics Network (MSRGN) organized the development of the original algorithm to guide primary care clinicians and pediatricians. The algorithm is for use in evaluating young children with a developmental delay through genetic and other types of testing. Click here to review the original MSRGN Developmental Delay Algorithm & Resources (MSRGN).  In addition to the algorithm, you can find resources to support primary care physicians in the clinic. These resources include information about informed consent, patient education materials, and webinars.
For more information on the Arizona state-specific algorithm, download it here. In addition, the biochemical labs with test codes document can be found here. In June 2019,  these resources were shared at the Arizona AAP conference in Red Rock.
For more information on resources available for families and for professionals in Arizona, please see the Arizona team’s state page.