Below you will find a number of different links to genetic specific resources that may help in navigating a genetics journey for yourself or loved one.

Colorado Genetics Navigator

Colorado Genetic Connections Facebook Group

Mountain States Regional Genetics Network (MSRGN) Home

MSRGN Colorado State Team Page

MSRGN Facebook

MSRGN Twitter

Find a Genetics Provider

Contact if: 

  • You are in need of assistance to find a genetic clinic near you 

Find a Clinic – Mountain States Genetics

Children’s Hospital Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus

13123 East 16th Ave., Aurora, CO 80045
Main Hospital: 720-777-1234
Genetics and Inherited Metabolic Diseases: 303-724-2370
Special Care Clinic: 720-777-6739
Developmental Pediatrics: 720-777-6630

National Genetic Resources Regional Genetics Resources Colorado Genetic Resources

Explore these resources if: 

  • You are looking for Colorado state specific resources on genetic topics 
  • You are looking for Colorado specific navigation for genetics

MSRGN Colorado State Team Page

Colorado Genetics Navigator

National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) – Colorado

Red Flags 4 Genetics Resources Genetic Testing Resources Primary Care Resources Patient and Professional Advocacy and Support Groups Genetic Research Insurance

Explore these resources if: 

  • You need general information regarding types of insurance and benefits
  • You need to better understand insurance terms and how insurance works
  • You need to know how to appeal an insurance denial for a test, procedure, or medication

Insurance and Medicaid – Complex Child

Medical Home Portal – Appealing Funding Denials

Health Insurance 

Health Care Reform | Center for Advancing Health Policy and Practice


Explore these resources if: 

  • You need specific genetic resources for the school setting
  • You need guidance for a specific genetic condition when writing an IEP or 504 plan

Genetic Education Materials for School Success (GEMSS)

National Association of Special Education Teachers: Genetics in Special Education Series

Care Coordination Getting a Diagnosis

Explore these resources if: 

  • You or your child are in the process of getting a genetic diagnosis
  • You or your child has recently received a genetic diagnosis

Journey Through Diagnosis Guide

VIDEO on Your Genetics Appointment

VIDEO on Receiving A Diagnosis: The Journey from Cope to Hope from the Midwest Regional Genetics Network

Resources for those with Undiagnosed Conditions

Explore these resources if: 

  • You or your child are currently undiagnosed 
  • You are looking for resources for families who are undiagnosed but suspected of having a genetic condition

About the Undiagnosed Disease Network (UDN)

Rare and Undiagnosed (RUN)

Family History

Explore these resources if: 

  • You are looking for more information on what “family history” means in the context of genetics
  • You are looking for resources to help prepare you for a medical appointment where you or your child’s family history will be discussed

CDC resources on family health history

Knowing is Not Enough—Act on Your Family Health History | CDC

GECKO- Point of Care: Family History Form

GENETIKIT Family History Tool

Basic Genetics