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We are here to help answer questions you may have about your child or loved one’s developmental delays.

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Developmental Delay Algorithm
Dev Delay Question here?

  • About the Algorithm
  • DD Algorithm for Healthcare Professionals

Ehlers Danlos Algorithm
EDS/hypermobile question?

  • About the Algorithm
  • EDS Algorithm

Where's Bear Developmental Milestone book
Did you receive a copy of the Where's Bear Book?

  • About the book…
  • PDF of book
  • cdc.gov/amazingbooks
  • Colorado Learn the Signs Act Early

Local Support and Resources
Click here to see more Colorado Resources

●    Genetics clinics in Colorado

○      link here to clinic map

●    Support & Training for raising a child with special health care needs

○      link here CO FV?

●    Help getting a diagnosis, and getting insurance coverage for a diagnosis

○     link in CO?

●    Care coordination, education, intervention, and transition assistance

○      link to Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN)  in CO?

●    Information about Newborn Screening

○      link to Colorado Department of Health Newborn Screening Program?

●    Questions about Medicaid?

○      Colorado Medicaid?

○      Colorado Medicaid Waivers?

●    Information on Specific Disorders

○      Colorado Medical Home Portal?

●    Covid-19 Resources

○      COVID-19 Resources for Families with Genetic Conditions in Colorado?

Genetic Navigator
Do you need help navigating genetics in Colorado or would you like to contact our Colorado team?