MSRGN’s Holiday Genetics Gift List 2020

What a year 2020 has been!

In an effort to spread some joy and cheer as we end the year, and maybe give you a little chuckle,

please check out our GENETICS Themed gift guide for those special people in your life:

  1. DNA Artwork by ZuniArtist

  2. Children’s Book: I Love Genetics

  3. DNA Coffee Mug

  4. Fuzzy Stuffed DNA (from our Genetics Pop-Ups)

  5. DNA Stickers

  6. DNA Neck Tie

  7. DNA FaceMasks

  8. Genetic Jewlery

  9. Inflatable DNA Raft

  10. Genetics Coloring Book

  • Please note: listings here are not an endorsement nor are there any financial ties to the artisans or companies┬á linked above.