Newborn Screening Communication MOC4

Sign up today for the Patient-Centered Newborn Screening Communication MOC4 module brought to you by Midwest Genetics Network and MN AAP.   There is no charge to participate and completion is worth 25 points.  The project will begin in June, 2019 and can be completed by Dec. 1, 2019. Spaces are limited so if you are interested in participating, please sign up today using the registration Link

You can find more information about this module at the ABP website

Title: Patient-Centered Newborn Screening Communication
Organization: American Academy of Pediatrics-Minnesota Chapter
Approval period: 07/15/2018 – 07/31/2020

This is a multi-state virtual learning collaborative hosted by Midwest Genetics Network and MN AAP to connect pediatricians interested in improving documentation of Newborn Screening (NBS) test results, communication with parents, and making appropriate referrals. The project can be completed in 4 months. There is no charge for participation in this HRSA-funded project.

To successfully complete the project, the pediatrician will:

  • Complete a minimum of three audits of the pediatrician’s patients and/or clinic patients including a baseline audit, a mid-point audit and final audit;
  • Identify and implement a minimum of two sequential intervention strategies and plans for improvement identified to increase rates of documented NBS test results, documented communication of test results with parent/guardian, and documentation of referrals made;
  • Prepare and implement the Newborn Screening Communication QI Action Plan and submit;
  • Send audit data via the web-enabled reporting tool for three months, view and discuss clinic run charts generated by the system; and
  • Participate in at least two technical assistance conference calls or webinars during the project period, including archived training.

Email  with any additional questions.