MSRGN Genetic Navigators Announced!

We are thrilled to announce the first team of Genetic Navigators for the MSRGN’s 8-state region. Please join us in congratulating:

Arizona ~ Noan Dublinski

Colorado ~ Jamie Stefanski

Montana ~ Jennifer Banna

Nevada ~ Hannah Barnhart

New Mexico ~ Jennifer Bartz

Texas ~ Lourdes Torres

Utah ~ Tristin West

Wyoming ~ Melody Rupple


The 8 navigators will begin training in March- May on 8 training module topics out-lined here:

  1. Overview of Program
  2. Red Flags For Genetics
  3. Outreach & Finding Families
  4. Primary Care Conversations
  5. Genetic Algorithms
  6. Resources for Families
  7. Genetic Navigator Tools & Logistics
  8. Navigator Self Care

After the completion of training, we look forward to working with our MSRGN Genetic Navigators as they assist families in their respective states in navigating genetics in our region and further integrating them with our state teams and Time 4 Genetics initiatives in Year 2 of the grant June 2021- May 2022. Thank you to everyone who helped us spread the word about this opportunity.

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