Developmental Delay Algorithm and Genetics Resources for Primary Care

Developmental Delay Algorithm and Genetics Resources:

Algorithm and Supporting Documents:

Approach to Genetic Diagnosis in Developmental Delay

Approach to Genetic Diagnosis one page

Non-genetic Causes of Developmental Delay

Pediatric Developmental Delay and Diagnosis

Laboratory Information- Genetics Labs that Perform Pre-Authorization


Informed Consent Topics:

Elements of Consent for Genetic Testing

Laws Pertaining to Genetic Information

Bullet point list of genetic discrimination laws


Handouts for Families Regarding Genetic Topics:

Genetics Overview (English)

Description of Genetic Services (English) (from Heartland)

Description of Genetic Services (Spanish) (from Heartland)

Variants of Uncertain Significance (English)

Variantes de Significado Incierto (Spanish)



Chromosome Microarray (CMA) Webinar- Dr. Scott McLean

Ordering Chromosome Microarray (CMA) in Electronic Medical Record (EMR)- Rebecca Littlejohn, MS, CGC (This content is currently unavailable, please contact us if you need more information on this topic)

IHS Clinical Rounds- Genetic Tools and Testing- Dr. Austin Larson

IHS Clinical Rounds- Nutritional Management of Genetic Conditions- Melissa Sailer, MS, RD, CNSC 

IHS Clinical Rounds- Working with Families to Obtain Genetic Testing- Dr. Celia Kaye & Trish Thomas

IHS Clinical Rounds: Choosing the right genetic test. This isn’t rocket science.- Dr. Darly Scott

Nevada ECHO- Neonatal and Pediatric Genetic Screening: Dr.  Susanna Sorrentino