Telegenetic Webinars

In 2019-2020, the Arizona Telemedicine in conjunction with Southwest Telehealth Resource Center held a series on Telegenetics.

MSRGN participated in the last webinar of the session, presenting on genetic and telegenetic resources for families.

Here are the archives of the entire 2019-2020 Genetics and Telegenetics series:

How to put the Tele into Telegenetics– Janet Major (05/02/2019)

Defining and Discussing Telegenetics– Chris Stallman, MS, LCGC (12/12/2019)

Incorporating Genetics in the Clinic: Common Indications for Genetic Services– Valerie Schaibley, PhD (02/13/2020)

Diagnostic Genetic Testing: The Who, What, When and How– Shannon Kieran, MS, LCGC, MBA (03/12/2020)

Consumer-Initiated Genetic Testing– Shannon Kieran, MS, LCGC, MBA (04/09/2020)

Roles of Genetics Providers in Clinical Care Settings– Valerie Schaibley, PhD (05/14/2020)

Resources for Families: Enhancing the Telegenetic Experience– Janet Major BS, Kristi Wees, MS Chem, & Sylvia Mann MS CGC (05/28/2020)