MSRGN Launches Red Flags 4 Genetics Handout for Families and Providers

The MSRGN’s Genetic Ambassador group designed a survey for families which was shared in January 2021 and collected responses until March of 2021. This survey asked families (whose child went on to get a genetic diagnosis) about the “red flags” or symptoms, warning signs, or details that concerned them as parents.

The responses of 114 families in English and 20 families in Spanish were reviewed and the over 500 individual red flag responses were tabulated, cataloged and reviewed by families who are part of our Genetic Ambassador group. Eighty-Nine percent (89%) of the red flags reported by families were noted before the age of four (4yr old). The majority of the red flags fell into 6 main categories as is depicted on the handout, with Developmental Delay being the category with the most red flags reported.

MSRGN, in partnership with all the families who contributed to the survey and those who serve as our Genetic Ambassadors, is pleased to launch this Red Flags 4 Genetics Handout for families and practitioners alike. It is our hope that this document will aid in the conversation between families and their trusted providers about concerns they have about their child that may be genetic and need further follow-up.

To download this resource, please click here or on the image of the handout below.

To request a hard copy printout be mailed to you, please contact us here and provide your mailing address.