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I am Concerned About a Red Flag, Now What?
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For some children, these Red Flags could be an early sign of a genetic condition. One thing you can do as a parent is determine if your child is meeting their developmental milestones for their age. To help you do this, find your child’s age on the CDC Learn the Signs. Act Early. website and fill out the checklist provided.

Talk to your Child's Doctor
If you find your child is delayed or missing milestones...

If you find your child is delayed or missing milestones the next step would be to talk with your child’s doctor.

This resource from AAP: Developmental Concern? Next Steps for Families and Caregivers is helpful for families and doctors to communicate next steps to evaluate a developmental delay.

Resources for Developmental Milestones
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Genetic Testing Questions
For some children, developmental delays can be an early sign of a genetic condition.

Find a Genetic Clinic

  • If more evaluation is needed by a genetics professional, please utilize this tool to locate a genetics clinic.

Genetic Testing Registry

National Family Center

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Genetic Testing FAQ

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