Time 4 Genetics Webinar~ Cerebral Palsy Webinar: January 10, 2023

December 15, 2022 — MSRGN is inviting you to our  Time 4 Genetics Webinar: New discoveries in the evolving world of genetics: diagnosis and treatment of cerebral palsy January 10, 2023 (at 11am PT, noon MT, 1pm CT, and 2pm ET) featuring Guest Presenter: Michael C. Kruer, MD Associate Professor of Child Health, Genetics, Neurology and Cellular & Molecular Medicine at... Read More

Time 4 Genetics Webinar~ Autism Webinar: September 22

July 12, 2022 — MSRGN is inviting you to our  Time 4 Genetics Webinar: Autism: What Can Genetics Tell Us? September 22, 2022 at 11am PT, noon MT, 1pm CT, and 2pm ET featuring Guest Presenter: Naomi Meeks, MD Assistant Professor, Pediatrics Clinical Genetics and Metabolism University of CO School of Medicine & The Children’s Hospital Colorado To register please click: here For... Read More

COVID 19 Resources for Individuals and Families with Genetic Conditions

April 1, 2020 — During this time of the COVID 19 (coronavirus) pandemic, here are some resources that may be helpful to individuals and families impacted by genetic conditions. If you have any medical questions during this time, please consult you or your loved one’s primary care physician. For the most up to date public health information please check... Read More

Genetics Conference in El Paso Texas: February 22, 2020

January 27, 2020 —   Our Texas state team will be using some of their state team funds to help defray the cost of food and childcare at this upcoming Genetics Conference and Resource Fair in El Paso, Texas on February 22, 2020. Please Register if attending, by February 18th via phone 713-798-6522 or email: mir at bcm dot... Read More

NERGN ECHO on Genetics

January 12, 2020 — Weitzman ECHO Complex Integrated Pediatrics has partnered with our colleagues at the New England Regional Genetics Network to present 3 sessions listed below this winter/spring. For more information please click here. ECHO Series In collaboration with the Weitzman Institute, the following Pediatric ECHO sessions are being offered for 2020. All will occur from 12 PM... Read More

Genetic service delivery in primary care settings ECHO – Heartland

February 11, 2019 — Our colleagues at Heartland Regional Genetics Network are partnering with Missouri Telehealth Network and Show-Me-ECHO, to provide a series on genetic service delivery in primary care settings. Click here for a flyer with more information on the ECHO sessions listed below. Registration for these sessions can be found here. TOPICS FOR CASE-BASED LEARNING AND DISCUSSION INCLUDE: February 14, 2019,... Read More