Telemedicine and Telehealth Resources for COVID 19

With the current pandemic involving the coronavirus, COVID19 , many specialty and primary care providers are transitioning rapidly to utilizing telehealth modalities. We have gathered some of the resources that are available to help medical practices find the information and guidance they need to meet the ever-changing needs of their patients during this time.

If you are just beginning telehealth implementation, one of the best resources is to reach out to the Telehealth Resources Center (TRC) that your state belongs to. Unsure which TRC services you, click here to access their clickable map and connect directly to the one for your state.


In the Mountain States Region, we are grateful to be serviced by 3 TRC’s:  Southwest TRC, TexLa TRC, and NRTRC.

COVID 19 Webinars:

The National Resource Centers for the TRC’s both presented COVID 19 webinars that are informative for those continuing or setting up telemedicine practices in the midst of the pandemic:

National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers COVID 19 Webinar: March 19, 2020

Centered for Connected Health Policy COVID 19 Webinar: March 24, 2020

Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center: Telehealth 101: April 16, 2020 

Resource Sheets for COVID 19 and Telehealth:

COVID 19 Telehealth Toolkit

NRTRC COVID 19 Resources (3/24/20)

Telehealth QuickStart Guide

States Waiving In_State Licensure Requirements

State By State COVID 19 Telehealth Resources in our Region:

State by State Telehealth COVID 19 Policy Actions/ Updates: click here

Quick Glance at State Telehealth Actions for COVID19

Arizona: click here

Colorado: click here

Montana: click here

Nevada: click here

New Mexico: click here

Texas: click here and here

Utah: click here and here

Wyoming: click here

Curated Web Resources for Telehealth and COVID 19:

Western States Regional Genetics Network Telehealth Resources 

Northeast TRC Telehealth Webliography for COVID 19