This page contains resources that are useful for adults and older individuals in the later stages of their lives. For more specific questions that may not be answered by resources on this page, consider contacting the Colorado genetic navigator at

Medicare Eligibility

If you have not done so already, please consider exploring and completing the following items:

Getting on a waiting list for an adult waiver
(Adult Medicaid Waivers (Community Center Board & Single Entry Point)
Look into Division of Vocational Rehabilitation/transition agencies
(for help with Training, Placement, college planning, housing, etc…)
Guardianship/conservatorship/limited guardianship/successor guardian/joint bank account/representative payee/durable Power of Attorney (POA)/appointment of advocate & authorization/HIPAA release form/supported decision making (by state):
(Can do before age 18)
Before age 18, get Colorado ID & Disability Plaquard Living Arrangements Transportation Social Security Administration
(Apply for SSI- this is to determine disability whether the child is eligible for benefits at this time or not)
Medicaid application
For financial needs, buy in, special needs, and disabilities
Community Center Board (CCB) or Single Entry Point (SEP) Find a genetics provider

Find a Clinic – Mountain States Genetics

Children’s Hospital Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus

13123 East 16th Ave., Aurora, CO 80045
Main Hospital: 720-777-1234
Genetics and Inherited Metabolic Diseases: 303-724-2370
Special Care Clinic: 720-777-6739
Developmental Pediatrics: 720-777-6630

Wills, Letters of Intent (LOI), and life course planning resources Financial planning Insurance (health, property, disability, long-term care, life) Additional resources

Colorado Genetics Navigator

Colorado Genetic Connections Facebook Group

Mountain States Regional Genetics Network (MSRGN) Home

MSRGN Colorado State Team Page

MSRGN Facebook

MSRGN Twitter

Red Flags 4 Genetics Handout (English)

Red Flags 4 Genetics Handout (Spanish)

Aging *Employment/College/Vocational Training/Adult Training Legal Assistive Technology Equipment Recreation & Leisure Behavioral and Mental Health Childcare/Respite/Personal Assistance Services Emergency Preparedness