Genetic Navigator Program

The MSRGN Genetic Navigator program is an initiative to help families navigate the genetic services system in their state of residence.

In March 2021, 8 Genetic Navigators were selected, 1 per each of the 8 states in the MSRGN region, and completed 8 training modules on various aspects of genetic navigation. Upon completion of this training, these 8 Genetic Navigators are now available by email or zoom to connect with families and assist them on their genetics journey.  When a family is exploring and accessing genetic services, they may have many questions along the way. View the video above to hear some of the questions our MSRGN Genetic Navigators experienced on their own journeys as well as some of the questions they can help families navigate. From 2022-2024, navigators were trained in 3 other regional genetics networks with variations of the curriculum that originated in MSRGN. In 2024, a Genetic Navigator 2.0 curriculum was developed for genetic navigation inside the genetics clinic and 9 navigators across the country were trained in April 2024, just before the grant sunsetted.

As of 4/31/24 our MSRGN Genetic Navigator program has ended due to the MSRGN grant sunsetting. Some of our navigators are being sustained in their states, see below for contact information if available. Please note though that any genetic navigator services after 4/30/24 are no longer funded by MSRGN:

To contact Kristi Wees:

(past MSRGN projects manager and Genetic Navigator Program manager and Trainer)

Genetic Navigators in the Mountain States Region (no longer MSRGN funded):

Arizona~ (Noan will no longer be monitoring the AZ email account)


Meet Jamie here (Jamie is now with Colorado Family Voices)

Meet Jennifer here (Jenn is with MT F2F)


Meet Mariah here (Mariah will continue to monitor this email account)

New Mexico~

Meet Desirée here (Desirée will continue to monitor this email account)


Meet Lourdes here  (Lourdes will continue to monitor this email account)


Meet Tiffany here


Meet Kala here (Kala is now with Uplift)


Genetic Navigator Outreach Presentation

Genetic Navigator Implementation Evaluation Results Presentation