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State Teams
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MSRGN’s infrastructure is based on eight multi-disciplinary state teams including:

New Mexico

Visit our State Team’s page to learn more or contact us if you are interested in learning more about a particular state team or getting involved in your state’s team.

To read more about MSRGN’s State Team Model you can download our MSRGN State Team Case Study here.

Time 4 Genetics
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MSRGN’s Time 4 Genetics (T4G) Initiative is a genetics education initiative for those primary care providers and clinic staff who are working with a pediatric patient population in the mountain states region.

To learn more about Time 4 Genetics or to apply to participate in the program, please visit our

Time 4 Genetics page. and our

Time 4 Genetics Library

Genetic Navigators
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The MSRGN Genetic Navigator program is an initiative to help families navigate the genetic services system in their state of residence.

To learn more about our Genetic Navigator program or to connect with a genetic navigator for your state, please visit our

Genetic Navigator page.

Genetic Pop-Ups
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The MSRGN Genetics Pop-Ups are an outreach program to families in our region and beyond who have questions about genetics. To learn more about our Genetic Pop-Ups, please check out our

Genetics Pop-Up page.

Algorithms for PCP's
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Genetic Algorithms are guides created for primary care providers to begin the initial assessment and if applicable, medical work-up or diagnostic testing for various pediatric presentations. To learn more about the MSRGN Algorithms, please click on the options below:

Developmental Delay Algorithm

Ehlers Danlos Algorithm (EDS)

Genetics Explained and FAQ Videos
Watch Genetic Videos here

Please check out our 2 video series for families:
Your Genetic Questions Answered
Genetics Explained

These videos cover various topics and questions that families have about genetics and genetic related topics including: Variants of Uncertain Significance (VUS), clinical trials, developmental delays and autism, gene therapy and more.

If you are a provider and would like to utilize these videos in your clinic, by all means please share them with families you serve (we would welcome a quick email to know if they are helpful to you and any comments you have for future videos)

Genetics Summit Continuing Education
Access continuing education recordings here

MSRGN’s annual genetics education event is called the Genetics Summit. This is a 2-day live event that is held virtually to expand the reach and access of this educational offering. In addition to live continuing education credits, the sessions are also recorded and available for enduring continuing education credit for up to 2 years past the live date. Please click below to access these recordings and fill out the form below the video for enduring continuing education credits.

Genetics Summit 2021- Connecting the DOTS

Genetics Summit 2022- Momentum in the MOUNTains

Genetics Summit 2023- PEAK Performance

Genetic Summit Library

Genetic Ambassadors
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The MSRGN Genetic Ambassador Program is open to all consumers of genetic services, individuals impacted by genetic conditions or family members of those who have genetic conditions, who reside in our 8 state region. We hold quarterly calls for our Genetic Ambassadors which include speakers, discussion topics, MSRGN updates, networking, and sharing of genetic resources.

To learn more about our Genetic Ambassador program please visit our Genetic Ambassadors page.

Genetic Connections
Workshop for Early Intervention Professionals

The MSRGN Genetic Connections Workshop for Early Intervention Professionals was created in response to the professional outreach that our Genetic Navigators were doing in their states. This outreach led to discovering a desire, need and request from early intervention providers in the Mountain States Region for more information and resources about genetics that they could share with the families they served. Launched in the fall of 2022, this workshop has had over 750 participants recieve the four module, 2 hour training sessions covering 1) The Who and What of Genetics 2) Genetic Vocabulary 3) Four Family Case Studies 4) Red Flags and Next Steps.

To learn more about our Genetic Connections workshop please visit our Genetic Connections post.

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