For Genetics Specialists

Telemedicine and Telegenetics
I am a geneticist interested in integrating telemedicine and telegenetics in my practice. Where do I begin?

The Heartland Genetics Network offers a manual for clinicians and periodic training, for those clinicians who are interested in getting started with telegenetics. Western States Genetics Network offers telehealth training and education in conjunction with the telehealth resource centers, for genetic counselors. The American Telemedicine Association and the Telehealth Resource Centers have countless resources, trainings, webinars and conference available on the topic of telehealth. Also linked below is a media article about telehealth.


Metabolic Consortium
I am a genetics professional in the Mountain States Region who specializes in metabolic disorders. I would like to learn more about the metabolic consortium that I have heard about from my peers, and how I can view the shared data sets of this group.
Getting Involved in MSRGN
I am a genetics clinician who practices within the Mountain States region. I am interested in getting involved in the projects and initiatives of MSRGN. Where do I start?

Please reach out to us via our contact form or by emailing us and sign up for our newsletter.

Patient Relocating to Mountain States Region
I am a geneticist and I have a patient moving within the Mountain States region. Who can I contact in their new location for help with continuation of care?

You can reach out to other genetic clinics and colleagues at those clinics to coordinate a smooth transition for your patient’s move.

Our Clinic Map can be helpful in finding contact information for those clinics.

Where to Direct Families for Support
I am a geneticist in the Mountain States Region and I am working with a family who has a child with a rare genetics disorder who needs some support. How can I find resources and support groups for this family?

There are a number of options for finding support groups for families both regionally and nationwide. Some of those resources include:

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