Genetics Pop-Ups

What is a Genetics Pop-Up?

A Genetics Pop-up is a small gathering (before COVID19 it was held in-person in the local community, during COVID these gatherings will be held virtually), spearheaded by a genetic ambassador, to share genetic resources with families and those who work with families impacted by genetic conditions. Genetic Pop-Ups are designed to provide a safe place for individuals and families to ask questions about genetics and get connected to resources that can help them answer those questions.


  • MSRGN helps the genetic ambassador share resources from our VIRTUAL Gene-in-a-Box resource kit.
  • MSRGN provides a limited budget to cover a set number of attendee gift cards at the genetics pop-up.
  • MSRGN provides a virtual platform (zoom) for a virtual pop-up event and assistance with getting the word out about the event.

2021 Genetic Pop-Ups:

Congratulations to our 8 Genetic Pop-Up host and hostesses:

Click HERE for Pop-Up Dates and Register for one of our 2021 Genetic Pop-Up and Join us Virtually!


Past Events:

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