COVID-19 Resources for Families with Genetic Conditions in Wyoming


Newborn Screening & Genetics Coordinator for Wyoming

Carleigh Soule


email: carleigh.soule@wyo.gov

Contact this person if/when: you live in Wyoming or are moving to Wyoming from other state and have a child or loved one with a genetic condition in need of genetics care and care coordination.


Wyoming Newborn Screening 

Note- Wyoming contracts with Colorado’s state newborn screening laboratory for babies born in Wyoming.

Colorado Newborn Screening for Wyoming Newborns

Darren Michael


Contact this group if/when: your doctor has told you your child has a positive newborn screen and you are having trouble seeing a specialist/follow-up.

Please contact Carleigh Soule – 307-777-6297 if you would like a copy of your newborn screen.

Wyoming Newborn Screening Brochure For Families (English)


Family to Family Health Information Center -F2F 

Contact this group if/when: you need family support, you are having difficulty navigating the system, you just moved to the state with you child with special needs


Title V 

Children’s Special Health


Contact this group if/when: you need help accessing programs for special needs kids in your state


Wyoming Medicaid 


Contact this group if/when: you need help finding out if you qualify for a waiver, need medical insurance coverage for your child with special health care needs.


Medicaid Waivers

Contact this group if/when:  you are looking for information on Medicaid Waiver services

What Medicaid Waivers (income independent) are available for Children with Genetic conditions (and other special healthcare needs) in Wyoming?

Our Children’s Special Health Program

How does a family apply for them?

Contact Children’s Special Health


Are there groups in Wyoming that can help a family navigate this ?

Family to Family Health Information Center (Wyoming Institute for Disabilities) and  Children’s Special Health can also help navigate.


Other helpful Wyoming Resources and Links:

Wyoming Department of Health:


Children with Special Health Care Needs

Newborn Screening

For Families:

Wyoming Family to Family Health Information Center

Wyoming Institute for Disabilities

Parent Information Center

Uplift Wyoming