2019 Genetics Summit Presentations and Slides


Day 1- September 23, 2019

State Team Report Out Session 9/23/19 recorded video archive


Day 2- September 24, 2019

Learning Session One – Newborn Screening

Congenital Hypothyroidism Newborn Screening Algorithm: Advances and Opportunities ~ Mary Murray, MD

Improving Timeliness of Newborn Screening for Cystic Fibrosis in Utah ~ Fadi Asfour, MD

Opportunities and Engagement with Newborn Screening Programs ~ Becky Ruth

RTI Early Check: Voluntary, Expanded Screening for Newborns ~ Holly Peay, PhD, MS, CGC

An Introduction to the Newborn Screening Family Education Program ~ Annie Evans, MPH


Learning Session Two – Genetics in Public Health

Public Health Genomics ~ Jan Lowery, PhD, MPH 

Cheek to Cheek: Genetic Discoveries and You~ Stephanie Santoricio, PhD

Healthy Nevada Project ~ Joesph Grzymski, PhD


Learning Session Three – Serving Underserved Populations

What happens when “Genetics” Pops-up in our Region?

~ Kristi Wees, MS, Naomi Sandweiss, MA, Josephine Foo, Trudy John

Family Voices Tribal Nations Panel

~ Kristi Wees, MS, Naomi Sandweiss, MA, Josephine Foo, Trudy John


Day 3- September 25, 2019

Learning Session Four — State of the Art Genetics

Emerging Genetic Therapeutic Technologies ~ Shawn McCandless, MD

Metabolomics ~ Peter Baker, MD

Mountains and Valleys of Pre-Conception and Prenatal Screening Options ~ Karen Esiff, MS, CGC 

The Power of a Rare Disease Diagnosis ~ Carrie Ostrea (video archive here and below)

Working Lunch and Training Session: Cultural Agility: Planning to Change Your Plans

~ Maria Frangenberg, Clarissa Hoover