Utah State Team Developmental Delay Algorithm

Mountain States Regional Genetics Network (MSRGN) organized the development of an algorithm to guide primary care clinicians in evaluating young children with a developmental delay with genetic and other types of testing. See Developmental Delay Algorithm & Resources (MSRGN) for the original algorithm and a number of related resources, including information about informed consent, patient education materials, and webinars.
The MSGRN’s Utah state team is working with a couple of general pediatric practices in the Salt Lake City, Utah area to pilot the Utah developmental delay algorithm which the team has adapted to include local resources. The Utah State Team prepared a graphic depiction of the algorithm (Utah Developmental Delay Algorithm (2019) (PDF Document 146 KB) and developed a package of supporting material (Developmental Delay Evaluation Resources (MSRGN/Utah) (PDF Document 5.6 MB)
More information about the Utah algorithm can be found here on the Medical Home Portal.