2020 Genetics Pop-Up Recipients for Rare Disease Day Announced

The Genetics Pop-Ups are an opportunity for Genetic Ambassadors across our region to share information and resources about genetics with those in their community who may need it for a child or loved one with a possible genetic condition.

In 2019, the program was launched with 5 genetic pop-ups across our region. In 2020 we are pleased to announce that 17 genetic pop-ups have been awarded across our region, with all of our 8 Mountain States being represented!

Congratulations to the Genetic ambassadors who applied for these pop-ups and whose genetic pop-up was funded for 2020.

Stay tuned here for more info as we finalize the details of the pop-ups we will be sharing information on those that will be open to the public so you can help us get the word out about them in your state!

 2020 Genetic Pop-Up Recipients:

Melinda Burnworth
Becki Coleman
Kathy Levandowski
Heather Schichtel
Brittany Parke
Jamie Stefanski
Maria Castillo
Jenn Banna
Amy Holly
Mary Meeker
New Mexico
Trish Thomas/Josie Foo
Alysian Thomas
Gina Money
Kenneth Allen
Melody Rupple
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